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About the company

Eyjafjordur is a Hemp and Cannabis cultivation and lifestyle brand founded in 2020.

Our intention is to pioneer the Hemp and Cannabis industry in Iceland, to become a leading global Hemp Production and positive Cannabis Lifestyle brand.

Eyjafjordur will provide solidarity to European Hemp and Cannabis sales and production through establishment of Quality and GMP standards.

We will provide environmentally sustainable products and solutions to the Icelandic Market.

Our team

  • Our team possesses years of agricultural hemp and cannabis experience.
  • An entrepreneurial mind-set and passion for the sector.
  • We bring together: finance and investment; agriculture, operational improvement; environmental; social development from a global network and provide access to local experts.

Our community grows stronger when we work together!

Our Strategy

  • Assemble a team of experienced individuals.
  • Focus on leveraging strategic partnerships.
  • Business model is focused on Industrial Hemp Processing.
  • Diversification in products.
  • Cost advantages through technologically advanced processing.
  • Environmentally and Socially Responsible.

Thoughts behind the project

  • Large expanse of land that’s inexpensive.
  • Established network of experienced workers.
  • Incorporate technology into farming.
  • Create products with environmental benefits.
  • Establish employment opportunities.
  • Create a new source of economic revenue.
  • Social and economic development.
  • Create sustainable environmentally friendly cities.
Step 1


Increase awareness to the benefits of Hemp and alternative agriculture.

Step 2


Raise awareness to the benefits of Cannabis

Step 3


Use Hemp and its products across various industries

Step 4


Provide social and economic development

Step 5


Create self feeding, sustainable, green cities.

To achieve our goals, we must focus on scalable achievements:



Quality Control


Promoting changes on an established shipping community

Construction using Hemp Products

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