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About Us

Quality Controlled Hemp Fiber Production

Our mission is to bring consistency to industrial applications of hemp and provide a continuous supply of dependable quality Hemp products to the bio composite and bio fiber market.

Large Scale Low Cost

Eco friendly

Quality System

From Farm to Function

Automated quality control for optimization, flexibility, consistency, and control.

Real time production and processing analytics across facilities.

AI, Machine Learning and Computer Integrated Manufacturing ensures seamless production of environmentally friendly products.


Market focused product solutions

  • Shipping Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Bio fibers & Bio composites
  • Car Manufacturing
  • Textiles
  • Bio fibers & Bio composites
  • Shipping Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Bio fiber & Bio Composites
  • Car Manufacturing
  • Textiles
  • Bio fibers & Bio composites

Product Applications

  • Large existing markets with a need for quality-controlled fiber.
  • Product diversification based on location
  • Compared to petroleum plastics, hemp is lighter, stronger, impact resistant and lower in cost.
  • Bio-composites: Market applications in consumer, construction, automobile, and aerospace industries
  • Bio-fibers: Market applications in textile (synthetic fibers), industrial, plastics, automobile, and electronics industries


Cost Effective

Environmentally Friendly

Hemp Rope
Hemp Bricks
Hemp textiles
Bio Pellets
Hemp Insulation / Construction
Packaging Plastics
Car Manufacturing

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